"The inspiration for the black & white colors symbolize the darkness of our own shadows and depression and the light upliftment that positive messages send to our mind, bodies, spirits, and souls. Words have power and I hope every time someone wears one of these shirts, they step into that power and unleash their own power from within. We need more uplifting messages and we need people to step into their responsibility to be a rainbow in someone else's storm"


 Katie Moran

Equanimity Boutique is a t-shirt brand dedicated to uplifting messages on each shirt. It is a project from Thetis & Themis Inclusive Equanimity, LLC. Founded by Katie Moran- an author, poet, advocate, creativity coach, and social entrepreneur. Equanimity is a level-headedness and serenity. As a mental health advocate and creativity coach, Katie wanted to share uplifting messages with those who understand the struggle of mental wellness and creating art as well as the magic of creating and growing from adversity. These shirts encourage wearers to step into their power, spread uplifting messages, and serves as self-signaling. If a t-shirt does not have your size, please reach out for custom made t-shirts for your size. We love comments and suggestions!